So, what's up?

HiveUp -> HiveMii

We renamed our project to HiveMii. We realized that it is very desirable to have a .com domain to be taken seriously these days. But we don’t feel like paying around $10k to cyber-squatters for the domain. So we are now HiveMii. Still catchy. Even cooler. One of a kind. And as you guessed, our primary […]

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Web Summit Alpha.

We had a blast at the #WebSummit! There were good things. There were bad things. We have met some great people. Established good contacts with partners, media and investors. And here’s how it all was.

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We had a blast at Geekend (yes, I just made up this word) at Juha’s place in Jyvaskyla, Finland, where it’s always light in summer! We progressed well with app development, had a great sauna and poker game. Here is Toni having mental pain thinking about Recommendation System: Alexander is struggling with responsive design trying […]

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