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Short description

HiveMii is a modern chat platform and app, which recommends users live conversations, based on user’s interests, friends and location!

HiveMii is a revival of good old chat platform with a few cool twists.

Interesting topics, local communities, events & even promotions come to you!

Feel like talking? HiveMii!

Longer description

HiveMii is a revival of good old chat platform with a few cool twists. HiveMii recommends you channels that matter specifically to you. Based on your interests, your friends and location. Talk about your interests. Hangout in local communities: school, work, neighborhood. Share and keep up during any events & festivals!

Check out in which conversations your friends are hanging out right now and join them! Chat in public channels or send private messages. Meet new people & stay in touch with your friends. Talk to friends one-on-one or in private group conversations.

Current social networks are good for sharing media and showing what you like, but having actual conversations on the subject beyond commenting is impossible and interaction is shallow, they just aren’t built for that. Your feed is usually limited by your social circle of friends, and meeting new people or making new friends outside of that can be difficult. Also, some apps provide a way to discover and track local events and people nearby, but they don’t provide real-time group chatting.

HiveMii is a platform and an app where users can interact in any channel of their choosing. There are user profiles, instant messaging & friending to provide social networking. HiveMii brings together not just the people you already know, but everyone who share common interests to meet, discuss and share. Channels are created by the users who name and tag them after which they are promoted to others through recommendation which is based on user-set interests, learning model and also on location & friends.

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